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Set Backs On Our Goalkeeper Journey- by Tanner Kennard

Set Backs On Our Goalkeeper Journey

By Tanner Kennard

Being a goalkeeper is nothing easy, just ask anyone who is or has even aspired to be a goalkeeper. Being a high-level goalkeeper is no simple task, either.  I mean, just look at the best keepers in the world and what they had to do to accomplish all that they have.  The steps necessary to be a college goalkeeper and an even higher-level goalkeeper are incredibly difficult to take.  You have to know what you want.  Now, you might think that you have one set path that will lead you to your ultimate destination, but you need to have multiple.  Towards the beginning of my post high school career, I thought I had everything figured out.  I thought I knew exactly what I needed to do in order to become a professional goalkeeper.  I learned rather quickly that my thinking wasn’t lining up with what was happening around me.  I thought that if I were to be a college goalkeeper, I would be able to move through the ranks to land a professional contract.  I had the privilege to go to England and play for the i2i Academy.  It was such a great experience, but I’m more grateful for the lessons the opportunity taught me.  I learned there are so many other steps to take in order to keep pushing towards my goals and career aspirations.  I also had the privilege of playing on the Ogden City USL 2 team.  Playing with older individuals and gaining some perspective from them greatly helped me along my journey as well.   One thing I’ve learned for sure is, no matter what, you are going to experience setbacks.  It’s really inevitable.  We all know that.  This past year, I’ve experienced a great deal of setbacks in my career.  I certainly didn’t plan for these things to take place, nor did I want them to, but I believe I am better because of them.  I’m grateful that I was able to learn these lessons early on in my career to better my overall mindset and drive.  Contacting coaches, finding tryouts and camps, it’s all difficult.  After attending a three day long open try out in California, I was invited to go to Malta on a tour.  Unfortunately, with the recent health crisis around the globe, I was unable to attend the tour.  That was hard, but I took it in stride.  I’ve learned that it’s really just making the best of where you are right now at this moment.  How can you push yourself harder, how can you make yourself more available for improvement, how can you better your attitude and drive?  No matter what it is, if you have a big enough dream, take the steps you need to in order to get where you want to be.  Whether that step is small and simple or lofty and scary, it’s necessary.  Don’t be scared to take changes and take risks. You never know what could happen if you do. 

Tanner Kennard has a great history and background as a goalkeeper. Member of Utah Youth Soccer State ODP team and Regional ODP team along with a great club carrier finishing up at Utah Sparta United, Tanner has been training as a goalkeeper in Utah for a long time.


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