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My Decision to Step Away- by Tyler Trump

My Decision to Step Away

A family friend told me that life comes down to key moments that determine the direction of your future. I found that to be sound advice right after I decided to step away from the game. So why’d I do it? With coaches telling me they could see me playing professionally, with old teammates who had signed pro saying the same thing, with a  full tuition scholarship in college, and after already having had the opportunity to train with RSL multiple times, why’d I decide to stop?

Athletes always follow the storyline that they’ll be the one to defy the odds and break into the center stage. The one who’ll be on the battleground instead of the bleachers. I would never be the person to pull someone else down from their dreams... granted I think every single person you talk to would say that exact same thing. But there comes a time to make a decision for yourself.

 For me, I saw two roads I could go down. One, as a professional athlete and the other, as a successful businessman. I started to realize that  I would be better served defying the odds and being a break through in business instead of in a sport. After months of consideration, I decided that if I took the same drive, work ethic, and will to succeed as an athlete, I could create something lasting for not only myself but an entire community whether it be a business I start, a policy I help put in place, or lives I’m able to impact as a public example.

While I’m still far away from those goals, I see it as an opportunity to start fresh. It’s like I’m 7 years old again barely picking up a soccer ball for the first time. I’ve got a lot to learn but this time I’m equipped with the lessons I’ve gained through making my way in a competitive environment as an athlete.

And that’s the biggest piece of advice I can give to you. If you’re unable to defy the odds as a soccer player or if you realize another path will better suit you like I have, don’t allow it to bring you down. See it as an opportunity to start over as that same little kid you used to be, with much to learn, and infinite potential. Use it as an opportunity to do things even better this time around.


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