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Group Training

BetterGoalkeeping is a top-flight Goalkeeping Academy dedicated to the growth of goalkeepers at all levels in Utah.  The Academy has been in operation for 15 years working with thousands of goalkeepers, and hundreds of coaches.  We work with individuals, teams, and clubs to make the keeper better and the team stronger.  Our focus is to teach, motivate, and inspire young goalkeepers to be the best they can and achieve the goals they have set forth.  

Small-Group Training

3 to 4 Goalkeepers

BetterGoalkeeping group sizes of 3-4 are ideal.  This gives high level feedback in small groups while allowing for competitive environments and competitive games. These sessions run $40 per goalkeeper. 

5 to 6 Goalkeepers

BetterGoalkeepings largest training size is our 5 to 6 goalkeeper groups.  For our oldest keepers these trainings are the best.  With larger size groups we can create more game like sessions. Sessions run $30 per goalkeeper. 

Two Goalkeepers

BetterGoalkeeping offers small group trainings for different sizes, prices and purposes.  Our smallest sizes would be our groups of two.  A focus on high repetition and high levels of feedback.  These sessions run $50 per goalkeepers.  

BetterGoalkeeping Testimonials

Better Goalkeeping (Brandon) has helped me tremendously growing up as a player. From the goalkeeping advice he gave me at a young age to coming back from a severe ankle injury, Brandon helped me gain confidence and provided me with top class training. The atmosphere and high repetition that Brandon's training provides has help me set myself apart as the number one choice in goal for the seven time national champions, Yavapai College. I owe a large part of my success to the training and generosity Brandon had given and shown me. The goalkeeper gloves he produces have become a necessity for my game as well. If you're looking to take your game to the next level, in an environment with someone that truly cares about you and your progress, I would highly recommend the programs offered by Better Goalkeeping. 

Tyler Trump

Yavapai Keeper

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