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My Goalkeeping Story- by Sabrina Davis

“My Story”

Playing college soccer was always a dream of mine but there was never a specific school in mine... I just knew I wanted to play for a top 10 school that would make it to the NCAA tournament and have a shot at competing for the National Championship. Sophomore year in high school I got my answer. BYU was the university that I committed too and was going to player soccer at. I got the opportunity to start my Junior and Senior year for BYU as their Goalkeeper and those are two season I will cherish for the rest of my life. Especially, my senior year. The team was amazing! We had great team culture and chemistry. As a team we all truly cared about everyone and wanted everyone to do whatever it took during the offseason and during the season to compete and play at their very best level. The team had an undefeated season, a 7-0 shutout streak at one point during the season, won the WCC championship, and made it to the elite-eight. Season 2019-2020 at BYU will be a year that I’ll never forget. The girls were amazing, as well as the coaches and staff members, and I’m just so incredibly grateful for the opportunity BYU gave me to play soccer and get an education from them.


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